Does This Sound Like You?

  • Are you tired of feeling like you have to earn God’s approval and acceptance?
  • Are you sick of working for your salvation?
  • Do you feel God’s blessing and favor is more dependent on what you do for God rather than what Christ did for you?
  • Maybe you’re experiencing feelings of guilt, condemnation and shame in your walk with God?
  • Perhaps you wonder about how God really feels about you. In your head you know what the Bible says, but in your heart you have questions about how God really sees you.
  • Perhaps your Christian walk has become more about working for God rather than enjoying a fulfilling relationship with Him
  • Maybe you just want to understand ‘who you are in Christ’ and how that translates into a walk of freedom, joy and fruitfulness.

It's OK - You're Not Alone

Many Christians experience these challenges everyday. For 10 years, I lectured in a Leadership & Ministry college as part of a large church in Sydney, Australia. I observed many believers being significantly impacted by them.

I personally spent years dealing with them. I felt guilty and condemned as a Christian and my confidence with God was up one day and down the next - depending on what I did or didn't do.

Even well known people in the bible faced some of these issues. The impact of a leader experiencing these challenges is even more profound as it shapes their influence. The Apostle Peter in Galatians 2 is a great example of this.


There's Good News

You don’t have to struggle with these things anymore – even if you’ve dealt with them for a long time.

You can be free of the frustration and weariness of trying to live up to the expectations you think God or people have of you.

You can remove the heavy burdens and nagging feelings of condemnation, guilt and shame.

You can have a strong, secure identity that rests on what Christ has done, not what you do or don't do.

And, you can serve God from a place of confidence, assurance and joy knowing His approval, acceptance, and favor is not based on what you do or how good you are.

I noticed when Christians took the time to understand Christ and His Work on the Cross, it delivered remarkable breakthrough in their lives. When Jesus was in clear focus, many of these challenges simply faded away, often in a short period of time.

Introducing Essence | 7 Indispensable Lessons To Thrive In Your Identity And Freedom In Christ

Essence is a 7 lesson transformational journey into the freedom, confidence and enjoyment of what Christ has done for you. In this Essence course you will learn:

  • How to flourish in God’s extraordinary favor – just like Abraham did
  • Simple and quick ways to end guilt, condemnation and shame even if you’ve struggled with them for a long time
  • How to stop striving, earning and working for God’s approval and acceptance
  • How easy it is to have a walk with God defined by confidence and assurance
  • How to apply simple truths to trigger dramatic improvement in your relationship with God
  • To clearly understand and thrive in how God really sees you
  • The simple biblical truths to a strong, healthy identity in Christ
  • How to lay the right foundation to a fruitful life of service and contribution for God’s kingdom.

And a whole lot more.


How Have These Truths Helped Others?

For 10 years, I witnessed the biblical truths covered in this Essence course transform believers and trigger significant improvement in their relationship with God. Here's some of their stories.


The revelation I received from your teaching has completely set me free. Free from living a life of working for my salvation. A burden was lifted off my shoulders. I finally saw myself as God sees me.

– Phil.

Your teaching has been a truly life changing journey for me. It has changed the way I see God, myself, my worth, the church and ministry, and my attitude when coming before God. I never realised how much I worked for my salvation. I feel like there is so much more joy in my walk with God, and peace inside me knowing who I am in Him.

– Jess.

This teaching has honestly been one of the most life changing messages that I've heard. My relationship with God has grown beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I can now spend time with God without feeling guilty or ashamed. I know that I can come to God with anything and everything. To put it simply, I now understand who I am in God and how I relate to God.

– Scott.

Manu_Photo Cirle
This teaching not only gave me new revelations – more than that – it changed my Christian beliefs and my foundation in Christ totally. As a long-term Christian I had forgotten the very basics and was defining my relationship with God by the things I did: my behavior, my work in the church and my activities for Christ. But I lost what Christ did for me. My journey of freedom has just begun.

– Manu.

People just like you have experienced radical change and started a new and fresh season of peace, joy and confidence in their walk with God.


Essence | 7 Transformative Lessons


7 lessons filled with biblical truths, practical insights and a step-by-step development approach to help you understand the significance of Christ's work and apply it in your life.


  • Lesson 1 2 Life-Transforming Reasons Why Christ Came For You

    Discover why Christ came for you personally and the two major problems He decisively defeats in your life – for good!

  • Lesson 2 Your Personal Insider’s Guide to Abraham’s Extraordinary Favor With God.

    The groundbreaking teaching on Abraham’s covenant with God – what God did with Abraham and how he did it – and why these truths must be at the foundation of your walk with God.

  • Lesson 3 The Single Truth That Will Release Overflowing Joy, Peace and Freedom In Your Life

    In this lesson you’ll go deeper into the greatest truth of your position and identity in Christ – the single truth that has triggered radical transformation in countless believers.

  • Lesson 4 What God Really Sees When He Looks At You

    Explore one of the premier New Testament concepts on your position and standing before God as a result of Christ’s work. This lesson addresses questions and doubts about how God really feels about you.

  • Lesson 5 How To Rest And Thrive In God’s Approval And Acceptance

    How you can stop striving and earning God’s approval and start enjoying what’s already freely yours. You’ll learn how to enter into the true rest God has prepared for you to flourish in.

  • Lesson 6 To Walk Boldly and Confidently With God And Flourish In His Favor

    How to end timidity, doubt and questions in the way you relate to and experience God. This lesson outlines why God wants you to be bold and assured in Christ’s work. These truths have brought remarkable improvement to people’s prayer life and the way they relate to God.

  • Lesson 7 Why Rules & Laws Can’t Help You Live The Life You Really Want With God… And How To Live Free

    This lesson outlines the simple, yet powerful biblical pattern for living in Christ’s freedom everyday. Learn how to live in the power of your new position in Christ and never retreat to working for God’s approval and salvation again.

Want To Deepen Your Learning and Accelerate Your Growth in Christ?

I've designed a mentoring program for you that combines 20 years of experience in creating and implementing mentoring for large Australian and global companies, and church organizations.

A Simple And Effective Mentoring Approach – For You And Your Mentor
The Self-Directed Mentoring Program will help you set-up and run effective mentoring sessions throughout the course. The mentoring pack includes:

  • An effective mentoring roadmap complete with seven step-by-step lesson guides, checklists and preparation guidance for you and your mentor to follow
  • A mentoring model that will help you deepen the lesson truths, explore their meaning, and key questions and discussion points to facilitate their application in your life
  • Lessons learnt on why mentoring fails and how to make yours a success, and clear guidance on your roles as mentee and mentor.

Not Sure About How To Pick And Approach A Mentor?
I’ve got you covered. I’ve provided guidance on how to choose a mentor, and I’ve written the invitation email explaining the course, the mentoring program, and your mentor’s role. All you need to do is hit ‘send’!

Great Training For Your Mentor
I’ve created free mentoring training for your mentor to help them prepare and mentor you effectively. The free course covers your mentor's role, the support we provide, key mentor skills, and starting the mentoring relationship successfully. The course is a great ministry and leadership development resource in and of itself.

You get Free Instant Access when you purchase the Essentials or Breakthrough Packages.


Your Choice Of 3 Flexible Study Options

Essence is a 7-lesson transformational development journey comprising online videos, live lectures, social learning, comprehensive course notes, a proven adult learning and development roadmap, mentoring, and much more.

Personalised Learning and Growth

The Breakthrough Package is our complete development experience. In addition to the Essentials package you get:

  • A weekly scheduled, facilitated online class. Greater depth of content, debrief and explore your insights, Q&A, and guidance on leading others in these truths. These classes start 19 Oct 2016
  • Private, members only Facebook group to continue the discussion and collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question below, please contact us.

What currency is the course charged in?

The course is charged in Australian dollars.

How long will the course take to complete?

Upon purchase, you get access to all the videos, course notes and learning activities, enabling you to study at your own pace. For those who purchase the Breakthrough package, the teaching webinars will be held once a week for 7 consecutive weeks. If you miss a webinar, you’ll have lifetime access to the recordings. In the Essentials and Breakthrough packages, each lesson consists of approximately 2-3 hours of learning activities.

When will the webinars take place?

Depending on the mix of countries and time zones of attendees, I will choose a time that works best for most participants. All webinars will be recorded so you can listen to them again. The private Facebook group will obviously be available 24/7 and I’ll be monitoring and contributing to the discussion regularly.

What’s the mentoring all about and why would I need it?

The self-directed mentoring program is a free, high value addition to the Essence course. It enables you to walk through the course with someone you respect (a self-appointed mentor) and explore and debrief each lesson. The mentoring program has a step-by-step design enabling you and your mentor to have focused, effective mentoring catch-ups after each lesson. The mentoring program includes a 50-page mentoring pack outlining everything your mentor will need to accelerate your learning and deeper your understanding of the course content. They even get a free mentoring training course to help them be effective in their role.

Would a new Christian benefit from studying Essense? How?

Yes. Essence would help a new Christian lay a solid foundation about their new relationship with God, both in terms of what Christ has delivered them from, as well as outlining the incredible privilege and benefits of being in right standing with God.

What’s the difference between the Essentials and Breakthrough packages?

The Breakthrough package has 2 extra, high value components. 1). I personally conduct 7 extra interactive lectures in which we go deeper with the lesson content, explore your insights, conduct a Q&A, and discuss how to apply the course content in your life and lead others in the same. 2). You get exclusive access to a private online community group for the purpose of further discussion, sharing and deepening your insights.

Can a bible study group, fellowship group or bible college study the course together?

Yes. We have a group discount and a step-by-step facilitators guide (at an additional cost) to help groups study the course together. The facilitators guide is a comprehensive manual for how to lead a group through a proven learning path that comprises engaging activities, discussion, case studies, reflection and more. Even if a group leader has limited experience in leading groups, the manual provides ample guidance to help each participant understand and apply the insights from the course.

What if the course doesn’t help me?

If you purchase the course, can demonstrate you've worked through the lessons and course work, and it doesn't help you in your walk with God, we provide a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. I'll refund the purchase price in full.

30-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee


I’m pleased to offer a 100% money back guarantee on this course.

If you purchase the course, can demonstrate you've worked through the lessons and course work, and it doesn't help you in your walk with God, we provide a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

Free From Condemnation and Guilt, Free of Striving For God's Approval, Burdens Removed

Matt McCudden_Photo Cirle

In the 21 years of being in church (and after having come from a strict Catholic background/upbringing), I never recall being taught anywhere near the level that you took us through. I really had no idea that I was bound by a 'works' based approach to my faith. I was moved to tears many times and it was like a weight was lifted from my mind and my heart. I have battled anxiety and depression for some years and it was like being able to draw a breath finally rather than scrambling to just stay afloat! Thank you for your teaching - I know that it changed the course of my life.

– Matt.

Judie Dickinson_Photo Cirle

The value added to my walk with God and even life in general was immense. The burdens I have been able to offload because of the freedom that comes from understanding all that Christ’s life has done for us have been many. Thank you for bringing clarity to my faith and enabling me to articulate it.

– Judy.

Leslie Affleck_Photo Cirle

During my early years as a Christian, I lived in a constant state of self-accusation, condemnation, and punishment. This came from having grown-up in a household with catholic Parents, who were high achieving and would discipline us whenever we failed to live up to certain level of academic performance. When I first met Jesus, in those early years, I lived in this same state of continuous torment. I now realize I saw God the Father in the same way I saw my natural father – a God that was punishing me whenever I did something wrong. I lived under a perpetual state of self-accusation and feeling bad about myself. This felt like a mental prison.

Brett’s teaching began to change the way I saw God, and, ultimately, affected the way I would see myself. I finally started to understand for the first time that my standing with God had nothing to do with my behavior or performance. One of my favorite teachings is the one regarding the covenant promise the Lord makes to Abraham. A picture was painted in my mind that has never left me.

After listening, studying and spending time reading the bible as a follow-up to Brett’s teachings, I can finally say that I no longer feel bad. I finally feel joyful, and can relax in my relationships. Through his teaching, I am now able to encounter and receive the unconditional love of my Father in Heaven – freeing to be myself in the context of my relationship with God, and with others. I laugh more than I ever have before. I now spend more time looking to God, and what he has done for me, rather than meditating on my shortcomings.

– Leslie.

It’s Your Time To Be Transformed

The truths shared in the Essence course have triggered radical transformation in many believers. Many Christians have started a new and fresh season of peace, joy and fulfilment in their walk with God. It will help you to stop working for God’s approval, end guilt and condemnation, flourish in God’s favor, and start thriving in your walk with Him.